Handmade Terracotta Enamels

A kaleidoscope of polished and matt colours. A multitude of shapes, colours and grades to give personalisation to any space, whether a bathroom or kitchen, or simply a pavement: Bernasconi Furnace produces handmade enamelled terracotta. The basis is always the same, clay quarry and wood baked. This, enhanced by a hand enamelled finish of Vetus Ars, a pure craftmanship double firing tile, capable of complementing both classic and modern design. Soft corners and delicate finishes. Subtle colour differences between one piece and the next but within the same tonal range. The handmade enamelling qualities are evident in every piece. Our enamels are like pieces of jewellery, every piece unique! The flexibility of our production allows colour personalization. We are able to cater for any and every taste. Although made with traditional techniques, this does not limit the use of enamel in any kind of environment: classic, modern, rustic or elegant. Bernasconi Furnace products are handmade glazed, handmade in the sense and wisdom of those who makes his work a passion.

Handcraft Production Of Enameled Terracotta

Flexibility and handcraft production allow color customization: with your help, imagination and taste we can create new and innovative nuances to fully meet every need. Even if made with ancient techniques and being a traditional product, enameled terracotta can be used in every environment and for every taste: classic, modern, rustic or elegant. Fornace Bernasconi enameled are handmade with the feeling and the wisdom of those who make their work a passion.

Formato Spessore U.M. N° pezzi per U.M.
QUADRATO 5×5 1,3 m.q. 400
QUADRATO 10×10 1,3 m.q. 100
QUADRATO 13×13 1,3 m.q. 58
QUADRATO 15×15 1,3 m.q. 44
QUADRATO 20×20 1,8 m.q. 25
LISTELLO 5,5×26 1,3 m.q. 69
LISTELLO 10×30 1,3 m.q. 33
LISTELLO 10×40 1,3 m.q. 25
LIST. BORDO 5×20 2 m.l. 5
GRECA 10×40 1,8 m.l. 2,5


Rosso Ciarla - Lucido
Papavero - Lucido
Borgogna - Lucido
Melanzana - Lucido
Glicine - Liscio
Zaffiro - Lucido
Plumbeo - Satinato
Celeste Pennellato - Lucido
Turchese - Lucido
Ramina Pennellato - Lucido
Petrolio - Lucido
Verde Nero - Lucido
Mediterranea - Lucido
Misty - Lucido
Ginepro - Lucido
Verde Acqua - Lucido
Oliva - Lucido
Muschio - Lucido
Verde Acido
Avorio - Lucido
Avorio Granito - Satinato
Pietra - Satinato
Giallo - Lucido
Senape - Satinato
Ocra - Lucido
Nebbia - Lucido
Castagna - Lucido
Moka - Satinato
Metallo - Satinato
Fumo di Londra - Lucido
Notte fonda - Lucido
Grigio - Lucido
Grigio Pennellato - Lucido
Polvere - Satinato
Bianco Puro - Lucido
Bianco Vietri - Lucido


Driven by the experience and by many requests for matching colors, we created a new line of enameled to mix different nuances: glossy and matt, enamels and crystalline for giving rise to color blends from the high trait but also unique and stylish. The purpose is to embellish and finish a wall, a niche etc.., using our suggested color mixtures. Of course you can customize, increase or create something new with respect to your tastes and esthetic needs. Our watchword is “CUSTOMIZE”: get color shades that meet your requirements and, at the same time, give us the chance to experience new color matches and realize unusual nuances.