It’s possible to visit Fornace Bernasconi and the showroom on Saturday and Sunday. Call us at 0763.36.10.16 and we would be pleased to book an appointment.

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    Where we are

    Castel Viscardo: a small village of three thousand people in the province of Terni 13 km from Orvieto near the border with Tuscany and Lazio. The town develops entirely around the Castle of Madonna, erected in the 4th century and enjoys an excellent paronymic position that opens from the Paglia valley to Orvieto. It is about a kilometer from the center of this village, away from the chaos and industrial areas that the production and quarry of Fornace Bernasconi is located. Cheered by the view of the valley and the adjacent countryside, the terracotta workshop enjoys a simple and familiar environment: typicality shared with the essence of the material produced.



    Loc. Le Sode
    via Fornacis.n.c.
    05014 – Castel Viscardo (TR)


    Business information

    VAT NUMBER 00496000555 // C.F. BRNLGU65P17C289E // Register of Artisan Companies n° 15379