STEPS AND stairs in terracotta

Terracotta is also an excellent material as a coating. A handmade terracotta staircase gives character and importance to the entire environment and to the entire home.
The cladding of the stairs can concern both the tread and the lower step (riser). Everything can be done both with standard modules and with the same widths suitably designed for the size of the step. In addition to the modular ones, you can decide to cover a terracotta staircase with a single handmade terracotta monolith of the size of the step (step): this will guarantee greater character and aesthetic beauty (subject to technical feasibility).
Being the terracotta ideal for both the exteriors and the interiors of a home, it will be perfect for covering stairs and steps both outside and inside a house. A handmade terracotta staircase is also helpful from a technical point of view: since the latter is a naturally non-slip material and therefore more performing in functional terms, it certainly makes walking surfaces safer (and in accordance with the law). Fornace Bernasconi proposes different sizes for the terracotta steps as well as the custom-made step, two colors available in the 5 finishes: various solutions able to satisfy multiple needs also from an aesthetic point of view given the wide flexibility regarding processing (with torus, straight edge, becco di civetta, etc).

Why to choose a terracotta staircase?

Terracotta, being porous by nature, is also particularly suitable for covering external stairs thanks to its natural anti-slip structure.

We remind you that Fornace Bernasconi has the slip resistance certification on both the RAW and SANDED finish. Whether made with modular units or with a single custom-made piece, both internal and external, with or without underlay, a terracotta staircase will always remain an element capable of enhancing and enriching the context in which it is placed thanks to the warm colors typical of the handmade terracotta that always goes perfectly with the colors of the earth and / or any color, being neutral and elegant.

A handmade terracotta staircase must be made, plastered, treated and maintained using the same precautions, products etc as if it were a terracotta floor: internal or external with the necessary differences in final treatment.
A last but not a secondary aspect is in our opinion the price. A terracotta staircase at a cost that is always competitive with respect to any other natural material (see stone, marble, wood). It follows that the cost / benefit ratio is certainly in favor of a terracotta staircase that is functionally very valid, very pleasant and at the same time with an absolutely competitive cost compared to other subsidiary materials.


Format Thickness U.M. N° pieces per U.M.
STEP 17×34 2,5÷4 m.l. 5,8
STEP 20×34 3÷4 m.l. 5
STEP 25×34 3÷4 pcs. 4
STEP 17×34* 3÷4 m.l. 1
STEP 20×34* 3÷4 pcs. 1
STEP 25×34* 3÷4 pcs. 1



Tending to Yellow

Tending to Pink

Tending to Yellow

Tending to Pink

Tending to Yellow

Tending to Pink

Tending to Yellow

Tending to Pink

Tending to Yellow

Tending to Pink

  • Measurements expressed in cm
  • Being an artisan product, the measures are to be considered nominal
  • Our standard formats can be modified upon request for feasibility

terracotta steps

When you decide to install a masonry staircase, you can embellish it and at the same time make it suitable for walking and weathering (if external) using terracotta steps.

Now you can choose terracotta steps in various shades of color and with specific anti-slip characteristics. A rough and decidedly rustic surface is in this case the most suitable type to optimize the result. Opt for terracotta steps it means blending their shades with any type of furniture, whether classic, modern or rustic. It is worth mentioning some models of terracotta steps such as the modular ones from 17 to 25 X34 H 4 (made to measure) with or without torus, up to the unique pieces always made to measure and on the needs of the client.

In both cases we are talking about made in Italy products and this must be emphasized as the artisan tradition, which among other things has been handed down for generations in this building sector, is unparalleled with those well known from other European countries and overseas.


Terracotta steps for the covering of the staircase

Very often we are faced with the choice of how to cover the steps of a staircase both internal and external. The market offers us various solutions in economic, aesthetic and (not least) functional terms. The coating of the steps (being for the most part an exposed construction element), represents a fundamental step for the success of the entire project.

A solution that is increasingly used is certainly that of terracotta steps for the covering of the staircase. This is a use of terracotta that satisfies both aesthetic and functional needs (in the right context).

The terracotta steps for a staircase in a farmhouse in the countryside (both internally and externally), for a mountain hut or even for a house in a historic village: these are all solutions that certainly represent theexcellence from an aesthetic point of view as they match perfectly with the context characterized by exposed walls or rustic environments. At the same time, we can say that terracotta steps find their natural use even in fresher and more modern contexts if we consider for example a terracotta step in a single piece (terracotta monolith) or a characterized covering from colored terracotta (white or black) or terracotta steps with simple tiles without any processing (bull or beak of owl) and without underlay.

Custom-made terracotta steps


Fornace Bernasconi produces some terracotta steps for the stair lining able to satisfy any request. The terracotta step is tailor-made, so we would have pieces with dimensions that guarantee the best result. Lastly (but not of secondary importance) is the fact that handmade terracotta, thanks to its features, is naturally non-slip therefore particularly suitable for a construction detail that has safety as an element of primary importance.

In covering a staircase with terracotta steps Fornace Bernasconi is able to offer various solutions. We can think of modular identical to each other that perfectly divide the width of the tread, with or without torus and of various thickness (2/5 cm). You can choose to cover the staircase with a single custom-made terracotta monolith or with simple tiles that make the climb itself lighter. At the same time we can decide to also cover the sub-grade of the steps with terracotta (also made to measure) or insert only a low skirting board that makes everything cleaner and more linear.

The solutions for covering terracotta steps are many and all are aimed at satisfying both technical and design needs dictated by the project and the client. All with particular regard to costs as we can say with certainty that the cost (compared to other materials such as marble and wood) is decidedly lower even if no less satisfactory.