Handmade terracotta

Half a century of history, generations compared with a single objective: the passion for the creation of handmade terracotta bricks and continuous innovation.

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Fornace Bernasconi, more than a brick factory, is an artisan laboratory that produces custom-made handmade terracotta and fired wood-fired with national chestnut shavings. Like any craftsmanship, production takes place on order and with the ultimate aim of satisfying both the aesthetic and functional needs of the customer. On the one hand we have not immediate order processing times (which also depends on the quantity) but on the other we have the guarantee that the brick, whether natural or glazed, will have been produced with the dimensions and thickness characteristics, color etc dictated by the customer.

In our opinion the waiting time (for average orders of 100 m2 it is around 30 calendar days) is amply repaid by the absolute authenticity of the material which will have been specially produced and with the buyer’s instructions. All this, combined with the experience and passion for our work, translates into unique and comfortable environments as desired by the customer. The latter will be supported with useful advice and suggestions capable of facilitating the right final choice.

The craftsmanship also allows you to create terracotta elements with dimensions and shapes dictated by the needs of the building site (thresholds, stairs, column coverings, etc.) in the quantities required (even just one piece ).

In a single phrase “CUSTOM-MADE” we wanted to strengthen our beliefs and our way of doing business by supporting and accommodating the clients (subject to technical feasibility) with artisanal care and attention to detail which are the elements that (in our opinion) determine the difference between a job carried out and one done to perfection to be taken as an example.

Glazed Terracotta

Hand-Made and Glazed Terracotta Bricks and fired in a wood fire. A palette of glossy and opaque colours, an infinite range to choose from with the possibility of creating them ad hoc. Thanks to our artisan workshop, you will be able to choose the nuances you prefer and combine different shades of hand-glazed terracotta.

Choose the nuances and combinations of different shades you prefer to furnish your home. In addition to shapes and colors made to order, we are able to create handmade decorations on each individual brick with the design and shades that will be defined by the customer or suggested by our experience.

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The passion for the ancient art of handmade terracotta bricks, accompanied by the experimentation of innovative solutions, is expressed through different shapes and colours, processes and finishes to satisfy the needs of the most attentive customers, respecting the technical characteristics required by an artisanally produced building material.

Tradition therefore meets innovation in a craftsmanship method which, through a particular treatment and firing of the clay, leads to the creation of high quality handmade Umbrian terracotta capable of making every home truly unique.< /p>

From pavimenti to roofs and tiles, from elements for masonry to glazed terracotta coverings and finishing with furnishing elements with classic and modern shapes: all for the creation of unique, natural and functional environments.

Treatment of terracotta

The treatment of handmade terracotta is essential to preserve its aesthetic performance and resistance over time, protecting it from various external agents. Even the most stubborn floors can return to their natural splendor with the right treatment.

With the treatment, in fact, it is possible to make your terracotta surfaces water-repellent, oil-repellent, increasing their resistance against mould, humidity and stains.

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Fornace Bernasconi is not a factory but an artisan laboratory: the dream is to keep alive the essential traditions of our fathers, of our history and of our land, without losing sight of the style of healthy and modern living. Attention to detail and craftsmanship with the ultimate aim of satisfying customers with seriousness and professionalism.

The use of terracotta bricks in construction dates back to ancient times: these are construction elements that have accompanied humanity for over 5,000 years. With so much dedication and experience, today we produce handmade Umbrian terracotta bricks using the same techniques and the same materials: wooden molds, clay from our quarry, rainwater and cooking in a wood-fired oven.

Our artisan workshop supplies cotto bricks with warm shades synonymous with familiarity, robustness and versatility.

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