The objective of Bernasconi Furnace is to produce a high quality wood fired handmade bricks and tiles. Have direct control of the production process, combined with continuous research into effectiveness, efficiency, innovation and design has been paramount to Luigi Bernasconi, ensuring effects and finishes are functionally and aesthetically appropriate to our times. The goal is to create a unique “tailor made” brick or tile for our customer needs, within an ethical and environmental awareness. The Bernasconi Furnace is one of the few companies awarded compliance certification by ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification). Our business growth has been directed towards environmental sustainability and we are a family company committed to this common goal. You will recognise our professionalism and knowledge throughout your journey with our company. Our best publicity are our clients referrals and their ongoing satisfaction.

Innovation is seeing what we have all seen and thinking what nobody else has thought.

ALBERT SZENT GYORGYI – Scientiest and Philosopher

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