Handmade Terracotta Floors

Half a century of story, different generations compared with one goal: the handmade bricks and passion for the handmade terracotta.
We will offer a complete service, starting from basic package until the full options one, to drive you in the implementation of your handmade terracotta environments.


Bernasconi furnace was selected as one of 23 Italian companies that best represent the Made in Italy, the Italian excellence in the arts and crafts. Classical and modern home furnishings forms: the all for the creation of unique, natural and functional environments.

The use of brickwork in buildings comes from ancient times: these are constructive elements that humanity uses for over 5,000 years. With much dedication and experience, we are now producing terracotta tiles handmade using the same techniques and the same materials: wooden molds, clay from our quarry, rain water and baking in a wood oven.
Our workshop provides cotto handmade by the warm nuances synonymous with familiarity, strength and versatility.
Handmade terracotta floors produced by Fornace Bernasconi have many different shapes and sizes. Different finishes perfectly fit for contemporary or classic environments.


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