Decorated tiles: the Argilline

Our knowledge about handmade terracotta (in particular on glazed terracotta) with the trend that has rediscovered the charm of traditional decorated tiles for what concerns floors and walls, give rise to a new line of decorated terracotta where the main element is certainly the square-shaped glazed terracotta tile with a decoration inspired by geometric shapes and with modern colors ranging from gray to cream through to dove gray.

The base is always SEMI-MATT WHITE enamel (our POWDER color) on which there is an enamelled design of modern inspiration in both colors and shapes oriented to the concept of old and fascinating cement tiles. The aim is to embellish and enrich with “vintage” decorations, not at all trivial and with colors that bring us back to contemporaneity and modern design.

The decorated tiles can be used both as a decoration of a WHITE POWDER covering (once in a while to intersperse the white tiles both randomly and with a repeated logic) or as a covering (or floor) to create a patchwork of tiles with different designs but all decorated.

Handcrafted decorated tiles

It is understood that the realization is totally handmade: the base is in handmade terracotta and wood fired, embellished by the Ars Vetus finish. On the same, the white background (POWDER) is first positioned with an airbrush and then the decoration will be done by hand (always with enamels). Everything is re-fired in electric muffles which, at the right temperature, melt the enamel and imprint it in an indelible and unassailable way (double firing).


We would like to clarify that the CLAYS, clearly inspired by cement tiles, are in the 20 × 20 format but we can also make it on other formats as well as we can also vary the color of the background or the design: all this is made possible thanks to the artisanal production, on order and the decoration by hand.


Decoration 1

Decoration 2

Decoration 3

Decoration 4

Decoration 5

Decoration 6

Decoration 7

Decoration 8

Decoration 9

Decoration 10

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