Bernasconi Furnace

The Bernasconi Furnace has been producing handmade bricks and tiles since the seventies respecting old traditions. Founded by Marcello, the furnace is now run by his son Luigi Bernasconi together with his wife Doriana and his sister Silvia, that continue their father’s work. Luigi has two passions: historical restoration and innovative solutions. Blending the art of ancient traditions, with technological innovation, modern ethics and contemporary practicality and design. The clay is from Bernasconi’s own quarry. It is manually moulded and fired using chestnut wood shavings. This ensures a low environmental impact and high quality. A contemporary handmade terracotta, of guaranteed quality, using natural raw materials, producing value and character. The natural durability of the material has evolved and showcases a warm harmony of colours, each expressing its individuality.
Tradition is a beauty to be preserved, not chains to tie us
EZRA POUND – Philosopher & Writer
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