Handmade terracotta of Furnace Bernasconi

Corte della Maestà


A residence far from daily chaos in a unique place in the world: Civita di Bagnoregio. Connected by a narrow walkway, Civita di Bagnoregio is an ancient town close to Bagnoregio in the valley made up of Calanchi (between Viterbo and Orvieto). “The town that is dying” (because of the erosion of tufa rock) encloses a cluster of houses and a few (ten more or less) people. In this evocative town (that is going to become UNESCO heritage) was renovated
a medieval house, close to the sacristy of San Donato Church where is placed the XV century
SS Crucifix.

This B&B is perfect for who wants to spend some days far from the noises in this cozy guesthouse.

There are 5 rooms elegantly renovated, one kitchen and an ancient living room with a large stone fireplace. The common element is the floor made with handmade terracotta Fornace Bernasconi: different formats and finishes according to the requested style in every environment.



A few kilometers far from Brunello’s home (Montalcino), in the small hamlet of Sant’Angelo in Colle, in the Tuscan countryside, comes the holiday resort “Castel Brunello”. Five buildings finely restored in a typical Tuscan style (stone cladding, wooden beams roof, terracotta garrets, etc..) give rise to different size apartments with a central swimming pool. A wonderful resort, in the heart of beautiful and charming Tuscan countryside, is perfect for long walks in the hills, for good food and excellent wine. Fornace Bernasconi has cooperated to create this holiday resort supplying outdoor floors (even the balconies) and windows thresholds. Everything finished with handmade terracotta flat tile and wooden baked terracotta in a Sanded finish.



It’s a holiday house in the historical center of Bagnoregio, close to Civita di Bagnoregio (also called “the town that is dying”). Born from the idea of a tavern owners located in Civita di Bagnoregio (Agnese’s bakery), this house was finely renovated on 2014 with high quality materials. It is perfect for those who want to spend a few days away from the daily chaos. It’s also good as a base to visit, over the nearby Civita, other typical villages of tourist interest as “teverina” ones and the nearby Bolsena Lake. The modern decor fits perfectly with the structure that has consciously kept the flavor of tradition. All the flooring was made of handmade terracotta Fornace Bernasconi.



Nestled among the hills of Senese countryside ADLER SPA Resort stands. Surrounded by the large pools that allow thermal treatments throughout the year, ADLER Resort is an exclusive spa where staying and, at the same time, enjoying relaxing treatments. Complete this unforgettable experience, the sober and elegant structure combined with a gastronomic proposal of excellence.

We are proud to have contributed to the creation of this Resort with our terracotta floors for the outdoors and for the lobby.




Il Tesoro is a farmhouse close to Fornace Bernasconi headquarters (about 5 km). This is a classic family owned farmhouse where you can taste the dishes of the past. The estate also benefits from an adjacent major farm where getting for raw materials for the kitchen. Particularly good are (in our opinion) vegetable soups in particular the spelled one. The farmhouse also offers accommodation to sleep. It is particularly suitable for walkers. The upper floor of the large dining room is in sanded handmade terracotta Fornace Bernasconi.



Borgo Brufa is a SPA RESORT close to Perugia. With its 1,200 square meters it is the largest in Umbria. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools will be available throughout your stay, together with a variety of beauty and relaxation treatments. Are just a backdrop to all a rich gastronomic excellence and a view of the surrounding countryside which is set against the city of Perugia and the nearby Assisi. All the handmade terracotta bricks are supplied by Fornace Bernasconi, which has significantly contributed to the development of this small village turned into a RESORT SPA and which wanted to keep the artistic and architectural features typical of this area.



Casa Barzani is a holiday house placed in the Orvieto historical center on the main street leading to the Duomo. Elegantly restored with taste and fine materials is great for those who want to have a foothold in the heart of the town and then move to visit, as well Orvieto, other places of tourist interest such as Civita di Bagnoregio, Bolsena Lake and the surrounding towns. The whole house was restored with terracotta floor Fornace Bernasconi, Ars vetus finish, coloring Pink and beeswax treated Dark Brown color. Ars Vetus gave to the floor an ancient flavor both in appearance and color as customer requested.

Il Fontanile


Il Fontanile is a Country House nestled in the Umbrian countryside close to Montecchio. The inn is the brainchild of a famous family of local entrepreneurs in the cured meat industry with the aim to ensure relaxation, quality eating and drinking to anyone who was in the area and wanted to stop for a few days to enjoy the fascinating adjacent villages. The house has an important and large dining room where the traditional wooden roof and terracotta flat tiles Fornace Bernasconi will join the most modern materials and design. Within the building, result of a careful restoration, are six bedrooms. The downstairs floor is in handmade terracotta Fornace Bernasconi both internally and externally.



Villa Avellino is a historical residence in the heart of Pozzuoli. The unique location on a promontory overlooking the sea offers a splendid landscape over the bay with nice view of the islands of Capri, Procida, Ischia and Nisida. The strategic location and the view unique in the world, make it a source of pride for the city of Pozzuoli. Built in 1500 the villa, with an adjacent park, it was declared a site of special cultural interest that is subject to the bond of protection on a proposal of the Superintendence for the Environmental and Architectural heritage. The restoration of the whole building (made in compliance with the existing structure) was finished in 2011 giving birth to eighteen apartments: the only common denominator is the attention to detail, elegance and calm. The roof is made of handmade terracotta curved tiles and tiles Fornace Bernasconi, which had the honor of participating in the restructuring with the paving of all the terraces and the internal landings.



The farm is located in the Marche countryside in the town of Serra San Quirico on the slopes of a hill that overlooks the Castelli di Jesi valley. The farmhouse is comprehensive of several hectares of adjacent land cultivated with vineyards (Verdicchio), olive trees and cereals. For several years the land is farmed organically to obtain high quality products. The farm offers accommodation in ancient houses from which apartments and rooms are obtained. Ideal for those who want to spend a few days away from the chaos: great for day trips or tours in the adjacent areas of historical and cultural interest. The floors are almost entirely realized with handmade terracotta Fornace Bernasconi.



It is a farmhouse between the green woods of Tanaro Valley (Loc. Gerboli a Barnasco). The house, dating back to 1800, was completely renovated according to the wishes of the owner Roberto Benedetti, who wanted to bring a bit of Umbria in the Cuneo area, renovating the site with the exterior stones, chestnut beams and handmade terracotta. Cashmere in fabula, as well as a place where you can taste typical dishes of Piemontese cuisine, is equipped with 3 double rooms for who want to spend some time far from chaos. Mr. Benedetti kept in touch with us to enjoy the tradition of a completely handmade product. All the floors and all garrets of the farmhouse are made with handmade and wooden baked flat tiles Fornace Bernasconi.



In the heart of Umbria, in the countryside close to San Venzano, an ancient country house has been refurbished, and now used as accommodation for who’s seeking relaxation, horse riding and healthy eating. The renovation was simple and tasteful. It maintains the flavor of the existing architectural elements (ancient stones, terracotta floors, etc..) with an elegant style. From the house you can enjoy a wonderful landscape in the Umbrian countryside: green and pristine. The pool side (with an infinity edge in the valley) is made with handmade terracotta Fornace Bernasconi, finish Raw, mixed colors; the arcade and the sidewalk, instead, are Pink colored. Inside the customer has chosen the classic Sanded flat tile. The result is a typical Umbrian country house, where the handmade terracotta colors perfectly matches with the surrounding countryside, giving rise to familiar and elegant environments.



In Collazzone, 10 km from Todi and 30 km from Perugia, 3 ancient country houses were renovated and used as accommodation for who want to spend a holiday in the heart of Umbrian countryside far from chaos and daily stress. Refurbish wanted to keep a traditional flavor to country houses: a perfect balance of the spaces that allows to live in touch with nature. All the three houses have a swimming pool and/or Jacuzzi: relaxation and wellness will become the main ingredients of this enchanting place where you can admire the countryside colors. All the terracotta is Fornace Bernasconi production.



Located on the outskirts of Rome, the Borgo di Tragliata stands on a suggestive tuff spur. Its historical origins date back to the Etruscan era, of which the blocks of the perimeter walls and funnel barns still remain intact. From the medieval era, the tower for sightings of the Saracens incorporated in the central nucleus of the farmhouse consisting of the two splendid seventeenth-century farmhouses. The village also includes two churches, one in Baroque style and the second from the Middle Ages. And between one ruin and another, in its one hundred hectares of land, organic crops predominate.