We can offer

a complete service

To improve our business growth and with the final aim to provide to the end user a wider range of choice for what concerns the terracotta floor handmade, Fornace Bernasconi has been structured to provide a range of complementary services to supply itself (which remains and will always remain the company core business) regarding the installation and treatment, technical advice etc..; all aimed to create a perfect work and to fulfill customer.

Base Package

The basic package provides the only supply of Bernasconi Furnace material production in quantity, finish, color, method of payment and transport defined with the client / professional look after study and evaluation. In any case, we will remain at your disposal for any clarification or technical advice concerning both the installation to final treatment.


With this package, in addition to the furnace materials (finishing, color and format defined with the customer) we are able to provide all the products needed for the installation (glue, etc.), grouting (grout) and treatment (professional products for tile joints treatment, water and oil repellent and stain of handmade terracotta). Accompany the whole supply datasheet detailed use of various products as well as all the steps required to perform work in a workmanlike manner both on the laying that treatment. Such a package is particularly suitable when the size is small by which the logistical costs would affect significantly on the performance of the laying service and treatment carried out by us, and if the client has a strong propensity to manual work and to carry all the detail steps suggested in the data sheet.

All Inclusive

All inclusive package includes bricks supply produced by Fornace Bernasconi (in size, color and finish chosen), laying and treatment. Package includes all required materials (glue, grout, treatment products). The advantage is to have a single partner for what concerns your handmade terracotta floor with all the knowledge and care arising from decades of experience in the field. Moreover you will have the possibility to use a facilitated 10%VAT (4% for first home or enlargement of rural building for residential purposes). Fornace Bernasconi is a very flexible and dynamic company: this led us to understand how important is the service (beyond the supply) of a particular and definitely difficult to manage material as terracotta is, where knowledge and experience play a major role. We can perform this service both throughout Italy and abroad, with our highly qualified staff, which is also dynamic and friendly being fully aware that there is no better advertisement for a well done work.