Architecture built with healthy materials, renewable, recyclable and sustainable

Bernasconi Furnace is one of the among small group of companies with ICEA and ANAB certification, as a bricks manufacturer suitable for green building.

The aim is to improve the quality of the materials used in construction, shifting the focus of the entire lifecycle of the product: reduction of harmful emissions and energy consumption, use of renewable resources in stages of pre-production, production and the post-production environment, health and safety of workers and end users.

Green Building or sustainable architecture is the discipline that studies the developmental habitat, on a human scale: to design and construct buildings, in respect of man and environment surrounding by using non-polluting and recyclable elements and low energy consumption.

Green Building is reality rather than science. It means a cultural approach, encompassing the concept of sustainable development. The achievement of objectives for environmental improvement, both social and economical.

The ultimate goal of satisfying the needs of the current generation without compromising future generations. It therefore follows that sustainable development is inconsistent with the degradation of heritage and our natural resources. It is also inconsistent with the violation of human dignity and freedom and the failure to recognise rights and equal opportunities. Sustainable development works to alleviate poverty and economic decline.

Clay from our own quarry, rainwater, sawmills waste: earth, water and fire – simple elements combined with passion and wisdom that give birth to products, used in ancient buildings. Clay is a piece of nature, often used in medicine, having both therapeutic and medicinal qualities. Clay’s apparent ability of absorption provides a better living climate by adjusting the temperature and humidity inside a building.

Bernasconi Furnace tries to merge this interesting material (a component of our cultural heritage) with modern technology. This thought is aimed at essential human and environmental sustainability.


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