Fornace Bernasconi can produce, on demand, colored bricks using/adding different natural clays or minerals. This is possible following the same productive cycle (manual molding, wooden baking with trimmings national chestnut) to produce an artefact handmade and customizable in terms of format and coloring. Fornace Bernasconi produces a line of natural products of unedited coloring, compared from the same clay coming from our quarry to meet different aesthetic requirements. Color depends on baking temperature, use of separating sand (silt), clay. We are able to manage these elements using different natural clays or minerals, to produce handmade terracotta in White, Moka (coffee), Black or in a different tone of Red. This is realized in dough, it means on the whole brick, not painted. An important role is played by the treatment that helps to obtain the expected results (using water based products) strengthening or dampening the colors. Our masters have a remarkable knowledge of materials and in synergy with Fornace Bernasconi, we are able to realize your wished brick.