The word FINISH means the surface appearance of brickwork. In technical term is the TEXTURE brick … the structure, the texture of the surface which has a role for the more aesthetic but also functional because of it depends the resistance to slipping or (although partly) also the smoothness of the mop or of the cloth during cleaning / maintenance. For this reason we have taken test reports of some of the finishs we have to certify the resistance to slipping required by law for the exterior and / or for public places. In this way the FINISH is the result of a set of processes that are carried out (or are not carried out in the case of the RAW) before and / or after cooking or even after laying, in order to determine the texture of the brick. The price of each finish is the result of the complexity and the time required to perform such work, so we can say that each finish has a different price.

The Ars Vetus finish is completely innovative, the flagship of Fornace Bernasconi. It is the result of continuous research in respect of materials and ancient traditions.


A kaleidoscope of glossy and opaque colours, glazed and crystallines capable of enriching and embellishing environments, floors and walls with a touch of originality capable of transmitting elegance and craftsmanship.


Volendo optare per un pavimento in cotto senza fughe l’unica soluzione è la rettifica dei lati. Fornace Bernasconi si è dotata di un apposito macchinario in grado di rettificare i lati e renderli perfettamente accostabili l’un l’altro.


An exclusive finish for the attic, specially created after years of research and study to satisfy the most demanding tastes. The brushed tiles are delivered as soon as they come out of the wood oven, dry and protected.


Terracotta flooring: the most beautiful textures

The terracotta floor has always remained the non plus ultra in terms of coverings: fashions and styles change, but terracotta remains in all its versatility.

Terracotta floors, thanks to their resistance, can be laid anywhere: inside the house, outside and even in wet areas or near water such as the poolside. It is precisely the texture of the terracotta that changes its visual impact and style, going from rustic to modern based on the laying environment and personal tastes. In order to choose the most suitable floor for your home, you need to know the various textures of terracotta. If you need professional assistance or advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

There are smooth and sanded finishes, obtained by manual or mechanical raw sanding, post-firing or, in some cases, after installation has already taken place.

The smooth, honed textures and the Ars Vetus maintain the classic irregularities of terracotta, but have velvety and soft to the touch surfaces that can have different colors from the traditional yellow/pink ones, thanks to the application of special crystallines which, through the second firing, make glossy and mother-of-pearl effects.

The enamelled finish, as the name suggests, is enamelled by hand in our furnace. It is possible to create any type of nuance and tone, making the floors (and coverings) more colourful, personalized and with a great visual impact.

The naturally rough textures, on the other hand, leave the typical texture of terracotta on the visible surface of the bricks, characterized by slight irregularities and substantial porosity. The overall final effect is ensured by the unique aesthetics of each single element which enlivens the continuity of the floor.

The best terracotta textures for every environment

Although they are all extremely versatile, some types are better suited to certain environments: in the bathroom, for example, the installation of more resistant terracotta floors is recommended, such as the glazed ones which, thanks to the treated surface, are perfectly resistant to water.

Even in the kitchen (an area prone to stains and wear) it is always better to choose unalterable terracotta floors, such as honed, sanded or Ars Vetus. If, on the other hand, you opt for a built-in kitchen, any type of finish that matches the rest of the house will do.

In the bedrooms, living room and dining room, on the other hand, any type of terracotta can be laid, even if the rough, rectified, smoothed or honed versions are characterized by greater elegance and refinement, enhancing the aesthetic value of the rooms.

Finally, for outdoor floors, for courtyards, for lawns, paths or poolsides, it is advisable to opt for Ars Vetus, sanded or raw terracotta. In fact, unfinished terracotta floors for outdoors are a popular and versatile choice.

These listed above are just suggestions: the best terracotta texture is the one you like best. If your floor gets stained or damaged, you can always opt for the terracotta treatment. Always remember to use the right products to preserve their beauty over time.