Bernasconi’s Furnace proposes a handmade wood oven baked terracotta, with Chestnut trimmings (waste from local sawmills). The mineral composition, together with the baking temperature are the two variables which determine the colour of the natural terracotta.
The wood stove has a traditional oval-shaped structure, lined with refractory bricks. It has a diameter of approximately 3.9 meters (at the wide end) and a height of approximately 4 meters. The baking cycle has a duration of 60 hours. For approximately 30 hours, the wood oven reaches a temperature of 1000°c. The varying degrees of temperature within the oven and the gradation in time results in the tone variation shades within the terracotta. The tonal shades from soft yellow to dark red.

Our experience, over a decade of craftsmanship clay baking, ensures we have full awareness of tone colour, giving our customer a full colour choice: from Tendente al Giallo (tending yellow) to Tendente al Rosa (tending pink) passing to the typical warm and smooth nuances of wood oven baking.

We are able upon request to produce different or more accentuated coloured bricks (ex. red) this is possible with the use of other natural clays or minerals. The craftsmanship of the work, the experience and production contracts are all essential and characteristic elements of the Bernasconi Furnace production.