Building Bricks

A curtain of exposed brick and plaster, adorning jambs, arches and columns.
Bernasconi Furnace produces a series of red bricks for walls in various shapes and sizes, standard or made to measure.
For construction, padding or decoration. Armed fences and arches are used for the construction of parapets, balconies or partitions.
Made for use in high seismic risk locations. All finished by a brick wall cover with the right size and proportions.


Particularly suitable for masonry finish is Ars Vetus. It gives a brick appearance and a ‘flavour’ of aged terracotta.


The rounded corners and smooth surfaces provide harmonisation in a modern setting. Bricks, sockets, corners, covers or bows in handmade terracotta. All these with the warm colours and sophisticated finishes of typical wood burning clay oven.

Format Building Bricks

  • Measure expressed in cm
  • Being a handmade product the measurement are to be intended nominal
  • Our standard format measure can be modified upon feasibility request