Ars Vetus is a totally innovative finish, flagship of Fornace Bernasconi. It is the result of ongoing research in respect of materials and antique traditions. It stems from the aesthetic and functional to find a brick suitable for the restoration of the amphitheater Flavio in Rome (Colosseum): the superintendent was looking brick “perfect.” After a period of research we managed to find the right process that could give the brick the desired characteristics. This is a vibratory finishing with the use of aggregates which is carried out after baking able to donate to the brick and the effect the flavor of a true brick lived, to the point as to be indistinguishable to the eye more experienced. This type of processing is also a kind of selection because the brick is subjected to high stresses over 30 minutes: if the clay has any imperfections would not exceed such stresses and would break. The bricks that resist we sure are qualitatively perfect in terms of cooking that aggregates content internally (calcinello). The result that is obtained is comparable to a recovery brick, uniformly worn by time and weather. The corners are slightly rounded and the surface is very smooth to the touch, velvety while keeping in view the characteristics of the imperfection brick made by hand. Born to the need for restoration of an important historic structure, the finish has found with the passage of time more and more application in the private market. Its charm is due to the exaltation of matter in its simplicity: the velvety and soft touch surfaces, the warm tone of the brick pasta offer comfortable environments and the design is classic and very modern. And ‘it recommended for both the interior and for the exterior, such as the floor or to the wall (columns, jambs, walls face view etc): its ductility is due to the fact that the processing relates to all parts of the brick and not only one face. It can be treated with decorations and glazes that add a touch of individuality to an already unique and inimitable. Ars Vetus is a registered trademark of Fornace Bernasconi.