Brick in this case is regarded as a marble. Such machining is done after cooking, or even after laying with the use of sanding machines. The same will go to remove / consume 3/4 mm brick making the surface of the same perfectly even. We can consider it like the most elegant finish, with perfect honed surface. This finish is that best outside the idea of natural brick, it discover the soul and the true color of the brick. Features are the micro cavities which occur on the surface of the brick. The latter are due to manual brick aspect and more precisely to the manual pressing: in this case the man’s hand will not have the same effectiveness / homogeneity of the machines for which polishing is going to highlight these micro cavities that repeat are an asset when a defect of the material itself. When grouting ones too evident, they will be filled and stuccoed. It used almost exclusively for the floors, leaving out the true color of the brick, with this finish is easier to make a contrasting color bands or floors with special designs (octagon with small pieces or irregular pentagon with small pieces) as well as getting adjusted floors and shimmed. The even surface makes the finish almost exclusively used for terracotta flooring made of internal hand. Ideal for the renovation of old houses in the city center from the stately character and more classical.