Glazed terracotta

Glazing is the process whereby the brick is covered with colored glaze and crystals, placed once again in electric furnaces (powered by photovoltaic) and recooked. Our glazed is a totally handcrafted recooking. It is based on our handmade and wooden baked brick Ars Vetus finished, on witch are atomized, through special airbrush, glaze and crystals. A glossy and matte kaleidoscope of colors, glaze and crystals that enrich and embellish environments, floors and walls in an original, elegant and handcrafted way. Our strength is given by the material originality and traditional craftsmanship that allow customizing size and color with the aim to satisfy customer needs. Our range of glazed include plain colors, mixtures and handmade decorations. Ultimately, the key word is ASK and after careful technical evaluation, and always with a constructive approach, we will give an answer to your questions.