An exclusive finish for the attic, created specifically after years of research and study to meet the most difficult tastes.
The tiles brushed by Fornace Bernasconi are delivered just out of the wood oven, dry and protected.
An aesthetic and functional advice that we can recommend is to lay the terracotta tiles on the warp of beams, possibly without filling them, putting between the bricks and the sand and cement caldana a protective fabric that does not allow moisture and water to pass on the brick.
Treating the brick with acid (ANTISALNITRO) mussels with our company policy aimed at providing bricks suitable for green building ie suitable for the creation of environments as healthy as possible.

Brushed Finish


When it comes to making an attic, Fornace Bernasconi strongly recommends brushing the brick. Choosing this finish, you get rid of the arduous operation of cleaning the tiles after laying them, a mandatory intervention if you want to remove the natural sand of the raw brick. The tiles will come clean at the time of assembly.

With the brushing, it will be enough to pass a water-based anti-dust to the attic, available from us, with a nebulizer pump. The product that can safely be given to the wooden beams as it leaves no trace, must be diluted to 50% with water. Before this operation it is highly recommended not to wet or take moisture to the brick, in order to avoid that the same produces the saltpeter (whitish efflorescence typical of handmade terracotta) which then becomes difficult, given the location, to be cleaned with acid, as well as unhealthy.