In this special kind of finish in the brick surface th Man’s work is impressed. The part remains with sandblasted finish on one side and in the opposite there is light sand down. The nature Face presents a slightly concave surface (It will have the edges of the perimeter slightly higher than the center of the brick). Speaking with a chart (fine grain Otherwise Riga on gravel) one tends to pave the brick, making narrative soft and harmonious surface and giving it an almost velvety appearance. This finish is used exclusively for the realization of floorings. Even in this case, come in sanded, the final result depends from the color of the brick, and the amplitude of the leak. The color will change the characteristics of the classic and traditional floor of a modern and design. Particularly important is the sand down (always with sandpaper with very fine one) after the installation with the aid of motion brushes or Similar. This finish could be installed both inside and outside but the best is to give priority to an internal flooring because being the slightly concave brick could collect some water and produce dirty more easily./p>