Procedure for the treatment of a handmade terracotta floor for interiors

  1. When the grout is dry, wash with DESCALING STRONG DECALCARIZZANTE FORNACE BERNASCONI pure or diluted (up to 1: 5) according to how dirty the floor is: spread on the terracotta and rub with hard brushes (not metal) or motor brushes, remove the liquid using vacuum cleaners. Rinse thoroughly with water and vacuum again with the aid of wet vacuum cleaners. After drying, the surface must be perfectly and uniformly clean. To verify the complete elimination of cement residues and limestone efflorescence, check the absence of effervescence on the dubious parts, wetting again with the same before the final rinse with clean water; let it dry very well (about a week);
  2. Apply pure WATER REPELLENT ANTI-HUMIDITY ANTIMUFFA FORNACE BERNASCONI, with a cloth or brush. Leave the floor to rest for 24 hours.
  3. Apply ANTIMACCHIA FORNACE BERNASCONI on the dry floor with a brush, rag or mop (such as Mocio Vileda), taking care to evenly wet the surface; Leave the floor to rest for 24 hours;
  4. Spread the FORNACE BERNASCONI AGGRAPPANTE LEVELLANTE base wax evenly with a brush, rag or mop, taking care not to leave accumulations of product (pull it well and evenly); avoid passing over the treated surfaces before complete drying; let it dry at least 24 hours;
  5. Apply a second coat of BASE wax (well spread) and after drying (two hours), apply the PROTECTIVE ANTI-WEAR FINISH FORNACE BERNASCONI with a SATIN, glossy (DIAMOND) or opaque (WOPLUS NO-LUX) effect, pure with cloth or mop in uniformly, avoiding accumulations; do not traffic on the surface before it is completely dry which takes about 24 hours; the same product can also be used for routine maintenance.