Fornace Bernasconi is a crafted workshop that is used to produce an handmade and wooden baked (with national chestnut) terracotta. Production takes place on order with the aim to satisfy both esthetical and functional customer needs. Orders fulfillment will not be fast, but we will ensure that the brick, natural or enameled, will be exactly as customer requests.

In our opinion waiting time (30 days for 100 mq) will be fully rewarded by the absolute material authenticity that has been produced according to purchaser indications. All this, combined with the experience and passion for our work, will become a unique and comfortable environment as customer requirements. Customer will be supported with tips and suggestions to foster the final choice.

Crafted manufacturing allows creating terracotta elements with sizes and shapes given by construction needs (thresholds, stairs, columns coating, etc.)in the required amount (even for only one piece).

This is possible through the creation of molds and shapes inside the company to minimize costs: our carpenters are able to create also not regular shapes.

About the enamel, we are able to hand paint every single brick, according to drawings and colors defined by the customer.

“Customize” is our mission and our way to do business, supporting purchase (unless technical feasibility) with handicraft care and attention to detail.