Tiled Roofs

In the distance, the warm welcome of a roof made of terracotta curved and flat tiles, like those of the past, all identical but each one different: a structural warp which has, in its essential features and classic beauty, the characteristics that distinguish the covers of our roofs from north to south. The warm color of handmade terracotta and flexibility of forms, always make the tiled roof a constructive element infused with charm, personality and history.

The first findings of bricks used for tiled roof had a shape that combined tile and curved tile in the same element. Only later it moved in two different shapes, and this kind of solution has been passed down to the age, through the Etruscan and Roman people, who have made wide use of these.

Terracotta roof tiles have a trapezoidal shape with two raised edges: our standard measures have a length of 40, 45 and 50 cm, but we are also able to produce them in different lengths and widths to meet customer needs. Their use is particularly widespread in central Italy and in the historic centers (in obedience to municipal regulations that impose the respect of original characteristics). Very often, terracotta roof tiles, are used together with terracotta curved tile (semi-cylindrical and trapezoidal shape) of equal length, in alternate rows with the arrangement commonly called "Roman”. The terracotta curved tile (commonly also called channel) can also be used without tiles, creating a covering of the roof (curved against curved) with an ordered and regular structure, to obtain highly effective aesthetic result.

Fornace Bernasconi produces a line of hand-made bricks for terracotta roofs: terracotta tiles and coppi in different sizes, molded by hand using methods dating back to the ancient production techniques and cooked in a wood oven. A durable and quality brick, that ensures a functional protective mantle, natural and aesthetically impressive.

To contain costs, preserving charme of terracotta roofing, we propose a solution that we have named as hybrid: in this case the part below (be it tile or coppo) it is made with an industrial element of the same color and shape, and the above exposed (usually the terracotta coppo) is retained with the handmade and wooden baked one. Crafted brick will also be used to make the exposed roof (perimeter), both tile and coppo. This allows us to preserve the aesthetic appearance and at the same time to reduce significantly costs. All this is possible thanks to the customization of formats and the selection of colors, typical of crafted production.


Formato U.M. N° pezzi per U.M.
COPPO E TEGOLA 40 m.q. 10+10
COPPO E TEGOLA 45 m.q. 8+8
COPPO E TEGOLA 50 m.q. 6+6
COPPO E CONTRO COPPO 45 m.q. 14+14
COPPO E CONTRO COPPO 45 m.q. 11+11



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